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My name is Tori Rowley and I graduated from Xavier University in 2015 with a degree in English and a minor in Natural Science. I spent the first two years after college working as a Seasonal Keeper in the North America department of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. At the zoo, I worked with endangered animals and developed a passion for conservation biology. I frequently worked with polar bears and became very involved with the zoo’s conservation efforts of this species and many others. The bears piqued my interest in climate change and its direct impacts on their wild counterparts. As soon as I learned about how the MCM program combines wildlife medicine and conservation biology, I knew I needed to find a way to join the program. I’m very interested in how polar bear behavior is changing as a result of climate change, and how these behaviors are impacting other Arctic species and the ecosystem as a whole. Ultimately, I am striving for a career in wildlife veterinary medicine while also having the ability to conduct my own wildlife research. My goal is to focus on pathogenesis in wildlife populations and to be an advocate for species conservation. When I’m not working with animals, I like to spend time with my amazing family, including my two adorable nieces, and enjoy reading, hiking, and exploring new restaurants and breweries. I currently don’t have any pets but am counting down the days until I’m settled enough to rescue (multiple) dogs!