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I’m Tara Francis, a recent graduate of Franklin and Marshall College with a BA in Public Health/Biology. I spent my college nights working as a veterinary assistant in an animal ER and I also volunteered in the college vivarium as a caretaker and trainer for our capuchin monkey families. While I was always interested in working with animals, my time in the vivarium with Jill (my favorite monkey) and other capuchins including Felix, Mayday, Money, etc. (all named after James Bond characters) sparked my interest in wildlife and conservation. My passion evolved after I spent a summer on a veterinarian-led trip to Costa Rica where I worked with Kids Saving the Rainforest to help rescue and rehabilitate native wildlife. The MCM program allowed me to peruse both my interest in veterinary medicine and conservation which I hope gives me a unique perspective on conservation medicine as I pursue a DVM. In my spare time you can find me cuddling my cat Percy, drinking coffee, reading, and drawing.