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BA in History, University of Vermont, 2011
M.S. in Animals and Public Policy, Tufts University, 2017

Current Position
Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance in Wyoming working on the launch of the State of Wildlife Report

Prior to MAPP

After a childhood spent largely outside of Philadelphia, Pietro graduated from the University of Vermont in 2011 with a BA in History. However, during his senior year he remembered that he had a deep, abiding love for animals, and that a life spent working for and with them in some capacity would be a life well lived. After a year living in Boston with some friends, he left the East coast for Mission: Wolf, a wolf sanctuary tucked into the mountains of Colorado. While there, he developed an affinity for the Rockies and the animals that live there, especially wolves. Upon moving back to the Boston area he started working at a holistic veterinary practice in Hopkinton, and when the commute started to wear away at his sanity he switched to a primary care practice much closer to home, in Somerville.

MAPP Interests & Goals

Although typically focused on wildlife advocacy and protection, Pietro has also recently become more interested in the issues surrounding ocean fisheries and our own eating habits. He is more than happy to recommend several books about these topics. However, one of the aspects of the MAPP program Pietro is most looking forward to is that it focuses on all types of animal/human interactions- it is partly what attracted him to the program in the first place. The other large draw is that a coworker at the wolf sanctuary graduated from the program a few years ago and raves about it.

Career Goals

Eventually, Pietro would like to run a wildlife sanctuary similar to the one he worked at previously; maybe a little closer to any semblance of civilization would be nice. However, he knows that he could probably make a greater impact for more animals working at a non-profit advocacy group or governmental organization tasked with wildlife protection, so that is a very real and exciting option for him as well.

Outside Interests

Outside of work and school, Pietro enjoys reading, going to the movies, playing hockey, and hiking. So far this year he has summited Mansfield in Vermont and Sacagawea in Montana, and will shortly be going to Zion National Park to conquer the terrifying Angels Landing. He has no pets, and is fully aware of how bizarre that is.

M.S. in Animals and Public Policy Externship Experience (MAPP), July-August 2017
Studying Bear Conflicts and Mitigation Strategies in Jackson, Wyoming

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