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PhD in Biomedical Sciences Curriculum

PhD in Biomedical Sciences Curriculum

Students in all tracks complete up to 24 didactic credits depending on their academic background.  Didactic credits consist of three required courses with the remaining courses completed as electives and tailored to address gaps in prior training and/or to better prepare the students for their research and career goals. Students are also required to attend a weekly journal club and seminars given by faculty members or invited speakers, and to present seminars based on their research activities.

Mandatory Courses

The following courses must be taken by PhD students in all the tracks. VET 603 and 607 are mandatory every year. Credit for these courses does not count toward the required didactic credits.

The following mandatory courses, in addition to an intermediate/advanced-level biostatistics course to be determined in consultation with the student’s advisory committee and the Graduate Program Manager, count toward the required ten didactic credits.

Elective Courses

The BMS elective courses are offered as needed with the exception of VET 657, which is offered every year.

Most elective courses are taken on Tufts’ Medford and Boston campuses, and at Boston University, Boston College, or Brandeis University through a consortium arrangement.

Students enrolled in the PhD program may choose courses from the veterinary curriculum listed below to fulfill their electives or to enhance their basic scientific knowledge if deemed necessary by the Thesis Advisory Committee and approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. These courses are cross-listed with the BMS prefix.

  • VET 102 - Veterinary Biochemistry and Metabolism - 3.0 credits
  • VET 137 - Cell and Tissue Types - 2.5 credits
  • VET 109 - Immunology - 2.0 credits
  • VET 112 - Applied Molecular Biology - 1.0 credit
  • VET 122 - General Pathology - 1.5 credits
  • VET 135 International Veterinary Medicine - 1.0 credit
  • VET 201 - Microbial Pathogenesis - 3.5 credits
  • VET 203 - General Parasitology - 3.0 credits
  • VET 216 - Applied Epidemiology & Evidence-based Medicine - 1.5 credits

Our Research Tracks

The goal of all of our research tracks is to educate graduates who are experts in their field with depth and breadth of knowledge, and who possess well-developed communication skills and high ethical standards.

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