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PhD in Biomedical Sciences


Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University offers a PhD program for students wishing to acquire scientific knowledge and technical skills in the focus areas of Clinical Sciences, Infectious Diseases, Human-Animal Interaction, Neuroscience, and Reproductive Biology, and Pathology


The goal of all of our research tracks is to train students to become leaders in the field in preparation for careers in research and academic medicine.

The overarching goal of the Clinical Sciences PhD Track is to develop the next generation of clinician scientists and to provide opportunities for veterinarians with an interest in conducting research in translational medicine.

Dr. Beamer at microscope

This track aims to prepare scientists to become future research and academic leaders in the field of infectious diseases. Emphasis is placed on the interactions of pathogenic and opportunistic microogranisms with the normal and immunodeficient host.

students sitting on the floor with a black service dog

This track focuses on training students in cutting-edge methodology focused on assessing the outcomes of human-animal interactions. This program focuses on topics such as human-wildlife interaction, the health effects of pet ownership, and animal-assisted interventions as a therapeutic modality.

MS-IDGH students and instructors in the classroom

This track trains students to become leaders in the field in preparation for careers in research and academic medicine. The program focuses on the role of reproductive biology and neurobiology in the fields of veterinary and human medicine. 

MSIDGH students and faculty in the lab

This track focuses on comparative pathology and translational medicine and is limited to students with a DVM or currently enrolled in a DVM program. The founding philosophy of One Health in the training of health professionals drives our commitment to maintaining a strong program. 

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