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Katie Dabney

Canine Stress-Related Behaviors During Owner Separation

Ariel Lefkovits

Exploring the Impact of Breed Type on Human Perceptions of Dog Behavior and Personality

Jillian Morrell

Feline Dental Care in New England Animal Shelters

Bethany Beauregard     

An Analysis of the Role of Beliefs, Social Identity, and Demographics on Seal Tolerance on Nantucket, MA

Jessica Baldeck

Alternatives for Learning About Wildlife in Captive Settings

Leah Widdicombe         

I am Homo Sapien: Perception of Evolutionary Theory, Animal Identity, and Human-Animal Relationships among U.S. Law and Policy Students

Robin Kopplin

Chew on This: Evaluating Welfare of Giraffa Camelopardalis During Feeding Encounter Programs

Ilana Braverman

A Systematic Review of Broiler Rearing Methods’ Effects on Broiler Welfare and Public Health

Megan Ballou   

Aging Equines: Understanding the Experience of Caring for a Geriatric Horse with a Chronic Condition



Jody Epstein

Addressing stress in dogs in shelters through a novel visual and auditory enrichment device

Erin King

Understanding Animal Abuse: An Exploratory Study

Meaghan O’Reilly

Moral Development and Animals: Assessing the Impact of Moral Developmental Stages on Animal Interests and Attitudes in Adolescents

Samantha Fincke

Modeling Accessible Veterinary Care



Amanda Kowalski

Recovery Diary Survey:  Exploring Caretaker Practices and Cat Behavior after Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

Elizabeth Evans

The Feral Cat Controversy: An Interpretive Policy Analysis in Support of Trap-Neuter-Return

Elizabeth Lavallee

Justification for Community Medicine and Low-Price Veterinary Clinics in Underserved Areas

Julie Haggerty  

Bringing Pets on Campus: A Strategy for Stress Reduction During the Final Examination Period

Kristin Memmott

Use of anticoagulant rodenticides by pest management professonials in Massachusetts, USA

Taylor Eagan  

Evaluation of Enrichment for Reptiles in Zoos

Theresa Vinic  

Survey of Massachusetts Animal Shelter Record- Keeping Practices in 2015



Megan Glasere

Who do I call? How do Veterinarians Report Animal Abuse When State Requirements are so Variable?



Ann Linder

Empathy and the Endangered Species Act: The Effect of Species Type on Trial Outcomes

Breanna Beberman       

Creating Long-Term Change in International Animal Welfare: An Argument for Engaging Youth in Participatory Inquiry Using Photography

Danika  Oriol-Morway  

Volunteer Participation with Non-Lethal Alternatives in US Wildlife Management: Participant perspective on suburban deer population management

Elizabeth Malcolm

Characterizing Clientele at one Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic: A Case Study of the Tufts at Tech Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic in Worcester County, Massachusetts

Kali Pereira       

Conflicts in Coastal Coexistence: A Qualitative Investigation of Pinniped and Fisheries Interactions in Cape Cod

Kelsea Lambert

Management of Chronic Wasting Disease in Captive and Wild Cervid Populations

Melanie Berk   

Kennels Without Borders – The Effect of Opaque Panel Placement on Adoption Rate, Noise Levels, and Behavior in a Dog Shelter

Melissa Hoffman           

Animal Welfare and Faith Community Outreach: Jewish Perspectives on Animals

Rachael Bell     

The Effect of Cage Placement on Adoption Rates of Shelter Cats

Tamara Kartal  

The Transition from Wildlife to Companion Animal: A Study of Mustang Trainers across the USA



Ashley Okola

Knowledge of rabbit husbandry at rabbit acquisition sites: a survey of pet stores, animal shelters, and rabbit rescues in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Charity Uman   

A Retrospective Study of Coracoid Injuries in Birds of Prey

Christina Russo

Who, What When, Where, Why & How: Comparing and Contrasting Media Coverage of the Elephant Poaching Crisis of the 1970s & 1980s with Today

Christine McClung

Buying your pet on the Internet: A closer look at online puppy sales

Christopher Baker

Modeling the reliability of owned-dog ages reported in Todos Santos, Guatemala

Claire (Koss) Johnson

Effects of direct human interactions with captive tigers on perceptions of tiger conservation status

Heidi Weiskel   

The Status of the Fransiscana Dolphin (Pontoporia blainvillei) Along the Bahia San Blas and San Antonio Cape Regions of the Buenos Aires Province of Agrentina

Helia Zarkhosh

Photographing their way to adoption – a study on the impact of photo quality on perceived adoptability of shelter dogs

Jessica Bridgers

Social constructions of coyote, pets, and their interactions on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Jessica (Popescu) Harris 

Assessing student attitudes on farm animal welfare at a veterinary college

Julia Pesek

Models for a voluntary accreditation system for companion animal shelters

Marie Carmen Abney

Addressing perceptions of stray dogs cross-culturally: from Boston to Istanbul

Taralyn Ciaramello

Exam-induced stress levels of first and second year veterinary medicine students



Ashley Washington (Okola)

Knowledge of Rabbit Husbandry at Rabbit Acquisition Sites: A Survey of Pet Stores, Animal Shelters, and Rabbit Rescues in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Carin Ferdowsian

Gas Chamber Euthanasia in Oklahoma Shelters: A Policy Memo for Animal Protection Groups

Emily Lines

Descriptive Study of Post-Adoption Retention in Six Shelters in 3 United States’ Cities

Heather Dry

Panthera Tigris, Conservation and Education: What are Zoos Telling Us?

Hilary Quist

Comparison of Shelter Dogs Behavioral Response to Real Versus Life-Like Stuffed Dog

Jessica   Pynoos 

EQUUSIMULATOR: The Relevance and Effectiveness of a Procedural Clinical Training Model for Teaching Intravenous Catheterization to Veterinary Students

Kate McPherson

What About Fish? Why Some “Vegetarians” Eat Seafood and Implications for the Vegetarian Movement

Melissa Rothstein

Intersecting Social Movements: LGBTQ Rights and Animal Rights

Nina Farley Using a Website and Social Marketing for an Animal Protection Campaign

Susan Getty

The Whale Shark Tourism Industry in Holbox, Mexico

Taylor Shire

Applying Public Policy Analysis to Zoo and Aquarium Decision Making

Thamzen Waller

Behavior Assessment of Declawed vs. Clawed Cats at Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic from 1997-2010

Whitney Allen

A Survey of Members of the Massachusetts Thoroughbred Breeders Association: Assessing Current Attitudes and Practices Regarding Thoroughbred Stallion and Broodmare Management with Emphasis on Information Dispersal



Alyssa Corbett

Diffusion of State Wildlife Policy Through Direct Democracy, 1990-2010: Characteristics Associated with Consideration and Adoption of Statewide Ballot Measures

Amelia Cook

Quantifying the Shelter Rabbit Population: an Analysis of Massachusetts and Rhode Island Animal Shelters

Bridget Denzer

Contesting Views of American Bison: a Content Analysis

Cary Williams

Response of Potential Adopters to Photographs of Wild Horses: the Role of Context and Background

Elizabeth Arps

Evaluation of the Boston Responsible Pitbull Ordinance

Ellen Vancelette

Connecting Knowledge of Owners with Pet Rabbit Welfare

Gabrielle Bright

Litigating Animal Shelter Legislation: an Analysis of Nguyen v. County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control

Kristina Doyle

Clarifying the Dairy Welfare Audit

Martha Grace

Bridging the Gap: Educating Decision Makers about the Connections Between Human Violence and Animal Cruelty

Megan Andreassi

Success of Social Networking for the Placement of Unwanted Horses


Anastacia Southland

Effect of perspective on adoption decision of animal shelter visitors

Emily Forline

Characterizing the Dog Population and Dog Ownership in Cozumel, QR, Mexico

Ike Sharpless

Writing Animal Welfare into WTO Law: Assessing the Merits with Stakeholder Interviews

Lauren (Hanna) Lentz

Determining Success Measures for Community Animal Welfare Projects

Lenora Shaman

Public Attitudes on the Use of Animals in the Japanese Media

Melanie Benetato

Veterinary Forensics Education

Sarah Cook       

Presence and use of wastewater treatment plants by avian species


Alana Mahoney

An investigation into the dynamics of shelter protocol and transfer procedures in South Carolina animal rescue organizations

Cory Morgan

The animal welfare implications of outsourcing to Chinese contract research organizations

Emily Wittman

Disposable Pets: Exploration into the Relinquishment of Unwanted Reptiles

Elisabeth Stoddard

The Principle of Precaution: Assessing Harm for Farmed Animals Treated With Pro-Growth Antibiotics

Isaac Sharpless

Writing animal welfare into WTO law: assessing the merits with stakeholder interviews

Jennifer Fabiano

Understanding the National Statistics for Animal Care and Control in the United States (2005 – 2008)

Kathryn McCabe

Dolphin-Assisted Therapy: Proposal for Professional Standards and Examination of Current Regulation

Kerry Bannon Garofano

Dehorning practices and perceptions of southern New England dairy famers

Marcie Berry

Shooting Wildlife: The Influence of Wildlife and Nature Photography on Public Policy

Mary Koncel

Catching the Spirit: a Follow-Up Study of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wild Horse Adoptions in New England

Rita Jou

The Prevalance of Veterinary Health Care Insurance in the United States: A Critical analysis of options and attitudes

Roberto Castillo

Exploring Contemporary Thoughts on the Use of Environmental Enrichment Programs in No-Kill Animal Shelter

Sarah Jones

Use of Accelerometers to Measure Stress Levels in Dogs

Tamara Garcia

Biscayne National Park’s loggerhead turtle conservation program in south Florida: An analysis

Valerie Benka

A Case Study of the Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare’s Quick Fix Clinic in Worcester County, Massachusetts



Abby Garner

In the Hog House: A Look at the Sow Housing Controversy and Farmers’ Experiences with Alternative Systems

Alyssa Froman

Assessing Attitudes toward Wildlife of Homeowners with Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitats

Amy Snyder

Cultural preservation amidst a modernizing ideology: A case study of China’s bear bile farming industry

Elissa Sosland

Common Farming Exemptions in Anti-Cruelty Statutes and the Implications for Farm Animal Policy in the United States

Elizabeth Kaigler

Animals in Elderly and Assisted Living Housing: Policies and Attitudes

Fabien Tepper

An Ethical Analysis of Compound 1080 as a Coyote Poison

Jared Milrad

A Fundamental Nexus: Animals and Genocide from an International Policy Perspective

Jeaniene Leis

Resident Attitudes towards Land Preservation for the Wild Horse (Equus caballus) of Northern Corolla Island, North Carolina

Maia Wentrup

Downer Cattle in the United States: An Evolution of Policies, Frames and Outcomes

Nadine Pellegrini

Allegory of Want. Coyotes, Conflict, and Animal Control Officers in Massachusetts

Lisa Brown

Animalities: Curriculum Guide for a Graduate Seminar on Animals, Art and Public Policy

Matthew Gordon

Welfare Concerns for Captive Elephants

Maura Puliafico

Ending Overpopulation: Can the MAC Spay/Neuter Clinic Help Reduce the Pet Surplus in Massachusetts?

Rebecca Silverstein

Applying the Court-Appointed Special Advocate Model to Dogs in the Legal System

Sarah Speedy

Preferences and Willingness to Pay a Premium for Alternatively Raised Animal Food Products: A Survey of Consumers at Massachusetts Farmer’s Markets

Stephanie Wilson

Interpretive Analysis of Stakeholder Response to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Proposed Removal Experiments of Barred Owls in the Endangered Northern Spotted Owl’s Habitat Range

Tracey Brant

An interpretive analysis of two policies of the American Veterinary Medical Association In the interest of the profession


Corinne Lackner

Turtle Road Mortality in Grafton, Massachusetts

Debra MacLaren

Meat Messages: a Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Messages Found in Meat Advertisements in US Magazines

Michele Picard

Humane Endpoints: the Current State of Affairs of Animal Use in Infectious Disease Research

Pamela Black

The Effectiveness of Wolf Education at Wolf Park, Indiana

Rachael Budowle

Animal Welfare and Consumer Choice: A Comparative Policy Analysis of Grass Fed Beef Standards

Sarah Cornetto

The Status of Dog Importation in the United States: a Review and Evaluation of State Regulations



Bryn Conklin

Animal Adoption and the Pet Acquisition Process

Jennifer Jackman

Coyotes, Companion Animals, and Conflict on Cape Cod: Attitudes Towards Coyotes Among Barnstable County, MAVoters

Jill Berkowitz

An Overview of the Scientific Aspects of Shechita and Conventional Slaughter from Consciousness to Death

Lindsay Hamrick

Stress among Laboratory Personnel and Coping Mechanisms Developed or Available as a Response to Performing Euthanasia of Laboratory Animals

Lisa Baruzzi

The Power of Story: the Development of Animals in LiteratureCourses in Liberal Arts Colleges

Melanie Lary

The Plight of the Parrot: An Exploratory Study on the Relinquished Parrot Population of Massachusetts

Paula Gillikin

Effects of Porcine Zona Pellucida Immunocontracaception on Movement Behavior of White-Tailed Deer at Fripp Island, South Carolina



Alysa Hayden

Two Classifications are too Complicated: A Policy Analysis of the Wyoming Gray Wolf Management Plan

Amalia Santiago

A Content Analysis of Animals on Children’s Television

Diana Goodrich

Life After the Industrial Farm: Sanctuary Chicken Welfare

Heather Tallent

Examining Alternative Agriculture with an Emphasis on Animal Welfare

Irene Stalzer

Evaluating International Approaches to Dangerous Dog Policy

Jamie Clerkin Jones

Effectiveness is in the Eye of the Beholder: Bowhunting as a Population Control Method for Sub/urban White-Tailed Deer

Lisa DuFresne

The Effects of Trainers’ Attitudes Toward the Horse on Training Methods in Three Disciplines: Dressage, Circus Training, and Natural Horsemanship

Megan Hemperly

(Wo)Manly Pursuits: The Voice of the Female Hunter

Michelle Johnson

Determining the Effectiveness of a Nature-Based Activity Program in Improving the Social/Emotional Skills of Children with Social/Emotional Difficulties

Sara Dykstra

Caring for unwanted captive wildlife in the U.S.: the role of zoos and sanctuaries

Tara Turner

Examining Alternative Agriculture with an Emphasis on Animal Welfare



Kate Nattrass Atema

Animal Protection in the German constitution: Social Development and Legal Implications

Katie Doloff

Types and Characteristics of Child Neglect Information Recorded by Animal Protection Services During Animal Hoarding Investigations

Maria Vaca-Guzman

Animal Hoarders’ Accounts

Mary Spock

Effectiveness of Water-flow Devices as Beaver Conflict Resolution Tools: A Satisfaction Survey of Massachusetts Clients

Nina Shah

Risk Analysis of rbST in the US and EU: The Role of Political Factors and Animal Welfare

Tara Bennett

Designing a Humane Education Curriculum Under New State-mandated High School Standards in Massachusetts

Wit Davis

Development of a Puppy Parlor: A Curriculum for Early Service Dog Socialization and Training



Angela Schwartz

The Effectiveness of a Therapy Dog in Alleviating Distress in Children Visiting the Dentist

Colin Berry

Animal Hoarding: The Outcomes of 56 cases

Emily Hester

The Mediation of Humane Education

Jaime Olin

Humane Education in the 21st Century

Jessica Morris

Farm Animals and Food Labels

Karla Koebernick

Means to an End: Conversations with People Who Left Primate Research for Ethical Reasons

Kathleen Allspaw

Engaging the public in the regulation of xenotransplantation: Would the Canadian Model of Public Consultation be Effective in the US

Kristen Koyama

Characterization of the Massachusetts Wildlife Protection Act by Four Local Newspapers

Melissa Bailey

Assessing the Effectiveness of Park Signage to Reduce Community Feeding of Waterfowl

Valerie Parkison

Biomedical Scientists’ Recognition and Alleviation of Pain and Distress in Laboratory Rats and Mice



Emily McCobb

Assessment of Stress Levels Among Cats in Boston Area Animal Shelters

Heather Tallent

Evaluating International Approaches to Dangerous Dog Policy

Jessica Almy

Dissection in Massachusetts Classrooms: Correlation of Gender, Teacher Attitudes and Conscientious Objection

Nicole Cottam

The Effect of Consultation Type on Behavior Modification for 100 Dogs Diagnosed with Dominance Aggression or Separation Anxiety

Tristan Rehner

Inter-observer Reliability of a Behavior Assessment Protocol for Dogs

Victoria Soto

Injuries Caused by Pet Non-human Primates



Amalia Santiago

Children’s Attitudes Towards Meat and Diet

Kelley Loughran

A Closer Examination of Differing Attitudes Towards Environmental Enrichment

Lisa Dufresne

The Effects of Trainers’ Attitudes Toward the Horse on Training Methods in Three Disciplines: Dressage, Circus Training, and Natural Horsemanship



Crystal Miller

Killing for Conservation: A Petition to Downlist Namibian Cheetahs under the Endangered Species Act

Hillary Twining

Managing the Stigma of Outlaw Breeds: A Case Study of Pit Bull Owners

Irene Stalzer

A Survey of the Public Perception of Animal Shelters in One New York Suburb and a Discussion of Ways to Increase Adoption Rates

Justin Scace   

The Use of Water Level Control Devices to Minimize Conflicts Between Humans and Beaver (Castor canadensis)

Kelley Loughran

Communication and Conflict: An in Depth Look at the Human Dimension of Providing Enrichment among Hierarchical Levels of an Organization within the Zoo

Sarah Anne Balcom       

Animal Adoptions as Social Process: A Comparison of Two Shelters

Susanne Abromaitis

Inviting Politics to Dinner: An Eco-feminist Analysis of Meat Eating


Ciaran Hannan

Care-givers to the orphaned, the injured and the ill

Dana Zenko

The Status of the Fransiscana Dolphin (Pontoporia blainvillei) Along the Bahia San Blas and San Antonio Cape Regions of the Buenos Aires Province of Agrentina

Daniel Kossow 

Where Non-Human Animal Stand in the Public’s Eye: Public Opinion of Non-Human Animals from the Past to the Present

David Clark

The Effect of Pet Insurance on Hypothetical Euthanasia Thresholds

Katherine Roberts

A Review of the Evaluation of Environmental Enrichment in Zoos

Kelly Elizabeth Connolly

To Declaw or Not to Declaw, That is the Question: Behavior and Declaw Status of Cats in Suburban Massachusetts

Laura Urell

Biotechnology—Introduction and Ethics: A Curriculum for Undergraduates

Lisa Kathryn Marino

Short and Long-Term Effects of Gorilla Trekking on Tourists

Nevin Sabet

An analysis of bacterial antibiotic resistance in a small animal veterinary clinic



Heidi Parker

Establishing a Good Neighbor Policy Towards the Eastern Coyote

Karen Graham

Evaluating IACUC Members’ Beliefs on Assessing Scientific Merit and Alternatives in Protocols

Lori Donley

The Epidemiology of Animal Cruelty, Abuse and Neglect in Massachusetts

Mary Hatch   

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Animal-Facilitated Therapy in Correctional Facilities

Sarah Wolaver    

A History and Analysis of Lead and Water Birds: A close look at

Tina Pereira

Using Social Marketing to Fight Cat Overpopulation: The Cat Samaritan Project



Diane Moore

The Impact of Assistance Dogs on Their Owners

Gary Block

Development, Implementation and Assessment of a Course in Veterinary Ethics

Jon Rankin

Correlations of Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Animals, Social Groups, Social Institutions, and The Environment

Margaret Reynolds

Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy: A Model Curriculum

Margaret Shunick

Characteristics of Canine Attachment to Care-Givers

Natalie DiGiacomo

Part Time Pets and the People Who Love Them: A Re-evaluation of Pet Relinquishment Through One-on-One Interviews With People Surrendering Pets to A Shelter

Susan Cusack

Towards a better understanding of the effects of various environmental features on the activities of big cats in captivity: A pilot study

Valerie de Liedekerke

African Elephant (loxodonta africana) Management Policy


Christine Davis

Animal Use Trends in the Unites States, 1986–1994: An Analysis of Federal, Academic and Commercial Laboratories

Danielle Jo Bays

Brucellosis, Bison and Beef: A Study of Conflict in the Greater Yellowstone Area

Dena Jones

Characteristics Associated with Voting on Statewide Ballot Measures Affecting Animals

Elizabeth Clancy

Comprehensive Models of Dog and Cat Population Flows in Massachusetts

Elizabeth Colleran

The Trouble with Mountain Lions

Jennifer O’Driscoll

Farm Animal Welfare (An Interactive CD-ROM Tutorial)

Linda Huebner

Wildlife Contraception: An Evaluation of Options, Ethical Considerations, and Public Attitudes

Stephanie Frommer

Loving Them to Death: How Surrenderers and Shelter Workers Manage the Guilt of Euthanasia