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Featured Faculty in the MAPP Program

Faculty in the MAPP Program

Seana Dowling-Guyer, MS

Instructor, Research Methods, Principles of Animal Behavior, Applied Animal Behavior

Jennifer Jackman, PhD, MS

Adjunct Professor, Public Policy Analysis

Erin E. King, DVM

Section Co-Leader, Farm Animal

David Lee-Parritz, DVM, DACLAM

Director, Laboratory Animal Medicine Service, Clinical Professor and Chair, Laboratory Animal Medicine, Department of Environmental and Population Health

Emily McCobb - DVM, MS, DACVAA

Assistant Director, Center for Animals and Public Policy and Section Leader, Animals in the Community

Megan Mueller, PhD

Section Leader, Human-Animal Interactions

Lindsay B. Philips

Section Co-Leader, Farm Animal

Allen T. Rutberg, PhD

Research Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences Director, Master of Science in Animals and Public Policy, Center for Animals and Public Policy

Adam South, PhD, BA

Course Director, Research Assistant Professor, Statistics Department of Infectious Disease and Global Health

My research spans multiple levels of analysis (from proximate to ultimate) by incorporating in-depth observations at different biological scales (from molecular to population level). My approach to research integrates molecular and genetic approaches with elements of animal behavior, ecology, evolution, and phylogenetics with the experimental power of model systems to answer fundamental questions about the evolution of reproduction in disease vectors and other insect model systems of significance to humanity. Recently, much of my work has focused on Anopheles mosquitoes, the principal vectors of malaria. However, I am interested in switching my focus to local mosquito species and other arthropod vectors.

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