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My name is Gerald McNeil, I received a Bachelor of Science in biology from Eastern Nazarene College in 2016.  As an undergraduate I had planned to go into physical therapy.  However, after working for four years with the college’s educational animals, my plans changed.  Working as the head of the Animal Care Taker’s Team, I discovered the real need for veterinary health care professionals that work with exotics.  After graduation, I started working as a veterinary nurse at the New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth, MA.  My experiences there showed me that I should pursue a career that would allow me to help reptiles, and some of the other less serviced animals in nature. I am extremely interested in the different ways our wildlife is being poisoned. by lead and rodenticide and hope to research these specific poisons effects on nature’s free creatures. I am particularly interested in how snakes are being impacted by these toxins and how it can be rectified. After completing my undergraduate degree, I took the Adventures in Veterinary Medicine program Tufts. When I finished, I knew I wanted to continue my education at Cummings School. When I am not working with animals I am gardening.  I also enjoy spending my free time with my many pets. I share my home with a bearded dragon, a chameleon, a poison dart frog, two cats, four bumblebee millipedes, a praying mantis, and various snakes that I foster.