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I received an undergraduate degree in Veterinary Medicine in May 2012 at the Universidad de Chile. For the last five years, I have been working in the field of wildlife consultancy, studying environmental impacts of investment projects. This has helped me to understand first hand, how vulnerable the ecosystems are under anthropogenic pressure. It’s my goal to work full time in biodiversity conservation projects. I’ve been involved in this kind of work; during the latest wildfires that heavily affected the central area of Chile, as member of the Emergency Committee of the Chilean Association of Wildlife Veterinarians, I was a regional coordinator for rescue and medical attention of wildlife. I also currently work on Vida Nativa NGO; where we focused on environmental education and research of Chilean amphibians in an effort to contribute on its conservation. I know the MCM Program will provide me with useful tools to achieve the interdisciplinary integration of veterinary medicine and conservation biology from an ecosystem point of view, helping me to continue to grow as a professional on the path of conservation. In addition, I am an illustrator where I mostly create scientific (especially wildlife) related pieces. Currently I am learning about the intersection between art and science being part of the interhemispheric program ASKXXI.