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Introducing Jacqueline Buckley, MCM’19, “I received my bachelors degree in biomedical science from the University of New Hampshire with minors in Animal Science and Dairy Management in 2014. During my time at UNH I worked at a variety of small animal hospitals, assisted with research publications in dairy science, laboratory animal science and volunteered at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo during my summers. Currently, I work as a zookeeper at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida, I work with a variety of African hoofed stock species ranging from springbok to giraffe, and two species of carnivores: hyena and African painted dogs. I initially began my career at Disney as a nutrition research intern and progressed to a keeper on their aviary team during the most recent avian influenza outbreak. During that time I was able to understand the length institutions go to conserve a species in close contact. The MCM program is an opportunity to advance my passion for what I do every day at Animal Kingdom, with like-minded individuals. Conservation medicine is important because it is a matter that concerns more than just one species.  In 2012, I went to South Africa for one month with a Vets-in-the-wild program where a small group of students were able to assist in vaccinating, spaying and neutering the stray dog population, darting and treating exotic animals on game reserves, and learning about conservation efforts at Kreuger National Park. Aside from my work at Beardsley Zoo and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, just this year I had the opportunity to go to Colombia and work alongside Fundacion proyecto titi. There, I assisted in the foundations efforts to aid in the plight of the cotton top tamarin.  I aspire to do more conservation work on a larger scale with either an existing organization, or to create my own. I would love to work for the CDC, USDA, WCN or AZA. I have always had an interest in avian species, african wild dogs, ruminants, and hyenas, but I also have an educational background in pathology, and diseases. On my free time here in Florida, I enjoy kayaking, visiting zoos, boxing, visiting my family in New York City, and hiking with my five year old German shepherd, Maverick.”