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M.S. in Animals and Public Policy
Class of 2016-2017

Aging Equines: Understanding the Experience of Caring for a Geriatric Horse with a Chronic Condition and Factors Predicting Owner Bereavement
Megan Ballou
Traditionally considered agricultural animals, horses have transitioned to play a dual role in society as both a companion animal and a working animal. This dichotomous role is often complicated by both the horse-human bond and the significantly increased longevity of a horse, compared to a small, companion animal. Additionally, as a horse ages, it is not uncommon for it to experience health issues. Using a mixed method approach, the present research study aims to investigate how an owner’s emotional and physical experience of caring for a geriatric horse with a chronic condition compares to an owner’s experience of caring for a geriatric horse that does not have a chronic condition. It is predicted that the presence of a chronic condition will relate to the overall experience an owner reports. The study also aims to explore experiences of bereavement that an owner of a geriatric horse may have upon the death of the horse. Understanding these experiences will benefit horse owners, particularly owners of geriatric horses, by helping to define best care practices. Findings will also benefit the veterinary community, as they will help veterinarians understand how to best meet the needs of clients, while providing a high standard of care.

A Systematic Review of Broiler Rearing Methods’ Effects on Broiler Welfare and Public Health
Ilana Braverman
Broiler birds are the subject of many welfare concerns in the commercial farming industry. Poultry is also the cause for more foodborne illnesses each year than any other meat product. However, research has yet to identify if there is a relationship between broiler rearing practices that cause harm to broiler welfare and food safety. Therefore, a systematic review will be conducted to determine whether there is any relationship between broiler rearing practices and food safety. A literature search was conducted during August, 2017 and the articles are currently being reviewed for relevance. All relevant articles will be read and analyzed for the systematic review.

Reducing Stress in Dogs in Shelters through a Novel Visual and Auditory Enrichment Device
Courtney Glotzer
The aim of this study was to determine if visual and auditory content (DogTV) delivered through an in-kennel enrichment device (PetChatz) for five days reduced stress of dogs in shelters as measured through behavior and salivary cortisol. A treatment and control group were randomly selected on an enrolling basis to participate in this study.

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MAPP Poster Presentations 2017. Courtney Glotzer presented her poster from offsite.

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