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M.S. in Animals and Public Policy Externship Experience (MAPP)

July-August 2017

Saving Heritage: Farm Forward’s Mission to Protect Farmers and Preserve Standard-bred Poultry Click link for Externship Presentation
Maxine Young
My main project at Farm Forward was implementing a food certification program called Certified Heritage. This program would certify farmers who were raising standard-bred heritage poultry and would promote a market for slow-growing birds. During my internship, I learned about the poultry industry as well as chicken genetics and how fast-growing, hybrid birds suffer immensely. Having studied how difficult it can be to have policy changed during the program, I was able to better understand why Farm Forward works at the institutional level when attempting to improve chicken welfare. It is much easier to go straight to a business and work with them than working at a federal level. A really great skill I was able to improve was my project management. During school and during the internship I was juggling at least 3 projects at one time. Now I feel like I know how to organize tasks and stay focused much better.

In the photo above, Maxine is with MAPP alumna, Melissa Hoffman, MS (2015), who is Humane Education & Program Specialist at Jewish Initiative for Animals. They are visiting with Frank R. Reese Jr. at Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch in Kansas, and are at the future site of the upcoming Good Shepherd Poultry Institute.

If you listen closely, you can hear Melissa or Maxine talking to the turkeys – does it sound to you like they are “talking” back?

Maxine Young (MAPP 2016-2017 class) and Melissa Hoffman (MAPP 2014-2015 class) with Farm Foward's Jewish Initiative for Animals

Maxine Young (MAPP 2016-2017 class) and Melissa Hoffman (MAPP 2014-2015 class) with Farm Forward’s Jewish Initiative for AnimalsYoung - Farm Forward 2017 with chickens

Young - Farm Forward 2017 - with dog

Young - Farm Forward 2017 with chicken on desk

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