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Katie Dabney

M.S. in Animals and Public Policy (MAPP) Research
May-August 2020
Canine Stress-Related Behaviors During Owner Separation
Katie Dabney

Canine stress-related behaviors are often exhibited when canines are in new environments and/or experience owner separation. The past study (2019) was a within-subjects experimental design. Phase one consisted of the dog, owner, and experimenter in the testing room together while phase two consisted of the dog alone in the testing room. Twenty-three dogs were recorded using two video cameras. In 2020, an ethogram was used to code canine stress-related behaviors. The data from thirteen videos thus far have been analyzed for the most commonly occurring behaviors observed in each phase with walking, sniffing, and owner interactions being the most frequently observed behaviors for phase one. Gazing at the front room door/window, whining, and standing were the most frequently observed behaviors for phase two. The final project will consist of coding and analyzing canine behaviors across two additional phases further exploring canine behavior during owner separation and owner reunion. The results of this study may help to better understand canine stress behaviors as well as the various effects testing environments and conditions may have on canine behavior-responses.

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